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vanessah_fans's Journal

Vanessa Hudgens
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generala001. Do not bash a community member, a maintainer, Vanessa Hudgens, her boyfriend Zac Efron, or her friends. Posts and/or comments that do not tolerate this rule will get deleted.
002. Respect the opinion of others. However, as this is a 'fan of' community we're sure it won't be an issue. You may dislike Vanessa, but rather than rant about it incoherently, let others know why in a mature, respectful manner.
003. Topics must be Vanessa related. You can post everything you want as long as it wasn't posted before and has something to do with Vanessa. Related news, upcoming events, fanart, etc. are allowed and highly wanted here.
004. Tag your entry. Therefore ALL post need to include relevant tags. It makes it much easier and pleasurable to browse. Let the mods know which tags you need if you can't find them. If you forget to do it a mod will ask you to do so. You have one day to tag your entry until it get deleted.
005. If you're posting news or images don't forget the source.
006. Before making a new post make sure it wasn't posted before.
postingB001. Give credit. Give the iconmakers the recognition they deserve.
002. Do not hotlink. If you do not know what hotlinking entails, you should not be taking icons.
003. Do not alter, copy, redistribute, or claim these as your own.
004. Give comments. Feedback and comments encourage members to post more.
005. Icons only. Everything else, eg banners and wallpapers, must be behind a cut.
006. Two-three teasers are required. Please lj-cut the rest to the community or fake-lj-cut to your journal.
upcomingcVanessa’s upcoming roles
Sa5m – Bandslam
Lindy Taylor – Beastly
Blondie – Sucker Punch